About melisaIT

"Simple Solutions to Today's Complex Problems"

We are specializes in the supply of deployable satellite, broadband and wireless communications solutions and turnkey total solution systems to governments and federal agencies, broadcast media, and corporate customers.


We strive to be a leading supplier of info-communication solutions fulfilling customer needs with professionalism and integrity.


We offer quality service and the latest technology in info-communication solutions while continuously carving out new business opportunities  and growth areas.

We take a step back and look at your business plan, vision, mission and objectives, and then we gather up everything you currently use or have produced in the near past all with goal of finding opportunities for improvement  and maintain effective IT systems & Data communication for your specific needs,


In today's digital marketing, a saemless Telecommunications and IT solution is increasingly critical to optimal relationships with clients, employees and vendors.

With us you don't have to juggle multiple vendors for your Telecommunications and IT needs, You simply call one phone number, reach and experienced expert yo can trust and receive and immediate solution, We are building long term relationships with our customers and excellence in service. AS one of our clients, you can rest assured you are benefiting from the optimal Telecommunications and IT services for your unique situation.

We are a leading covered IP solutions provider in the region for end-to-end communications solutions including Satellite  and broadband communications, IP security and IP telephony products.

partnering world-call technology organisation, we helps enterprises achieve their communications goals, building on services excellence as the comer stone of its success since 1987.